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Diane Ladd is an ordained minister, (Reverend Rose), having presided over baptisms, weddings, and funerals. She has also worked with some of the most renowned doctors in our country sharing the art of healing and medical intuitive work. Diane says that she can entertain you and if it makes you sick- she can possibly heal you and if that doesn’t work by gosh, she can bury you!..... ….. So she is perhaps a very good friend to have.

Ms. Ladd, (even though her grandmother, Rose Schmitt, from Germany was Jewish,) was raised Catholic, and is an ardent student of Kabala. Diane is an ordained minister in I.G.A.S (International General Assembly of Spiritualists) an organization of multi-nondenominational Christian Churches. She received her Nutritional Certificate from the state of Florida, and has worked with some of our country's renowned doctors and hospitals for more than twenty years.

Diane's monthly suggestions; “In order to find a CURE, you MUST find the CAUSE.”

If you have a Health Opportunity due to illness - get more than one opinion - Ask Questions - And, choose a doctor who will work “with you” to help YOU heal yourself! Make sure that the medicine prescribed to “Cure You,” won’t “Kill You,” with side effects . . . now, or in the future.

It's shocking that the University Medical Education usually consists of at least seven years, which yet in many cases, sometimes only includes “two weeks” of nutritional training - if that! Finally, when the Surgeon General of the United States declared with the statement;

“A Balanced Diet can Help Prevent Cancer!”

Suddenly, the world of Vitamins and Nutrition began to receive closer attention and somewhat more respect. Please refer to the recent May Issue Cover of the Magazine, Life Extension which states:

“Three Million NEEDLESS CANCER DEATHS . . . Courtesy of FDA”

What is the F.D.A. doing…..disallowing certain herbs, and certain alternative modalities that can help, to be used legally in our country while, indeed they allow Big Pharmaceutical Companies to sell PRESCRIPTIONS (AND VIA MEDICAL DOCTORS) AND ADVERTISE RIGHT ON TELEVISION, IN FRONT OF OUR CHILDREN….THAT CAN ACTUALLY “KILL” YOU!?

“Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution the time will come when medicine will become an undercover dictatorship”
Dr. Benjamin Rush
Signer of the Declaration of Independence, 1787

CUT POISON BURN is a searing film that illuminates the grim truth about America's so-called War on Cancer. This thought-provoking documentary takes on the forces that have conspired to thwart meaningful advances in cancer research and treatment over the past century. These forces include the federal government (in its effort to label and persecute innovators as quacks), drug companies eager to suppress alternative treatments and powerful industry organizations that place profit over human lives. The story centers on the Navarro’s, a family struggling to keep their young son alive. As the personal meets the political, we see how the FDA holds a vise-like grip on treatment options. Heart wrenching and informative, the film ultimately expresses hope that we can create a new paradigm of prevention, medical freedom and acceptance of highly tailored therapies to usher in a more enlightened era.

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Thanking you in advance for your graciousness in giving this message your attention. Most sincerely,
Diane Ladd

Last week, my nine-year-old Grandson was watching a beautifully filmed T.V. Commercial selling a prescription to help you SLEEP . . . It was a lovely commercial….meant to be soooo soothing . . . however some little words were spoken midst the helpful beauty …. That this “Prescription, while you were getting that wonderful longed for night’s sleep, could actually cause: (probably unknown to you when it was happening) Tongue swelling! Choking! Seizure! Heart Attack and even death!?

(Staring at TV, horrified - high pitched fearful voice, )
NANA! …. Would YOU ever take that medicine?
(Calmly, with some kind of sense)
No, Honey, Nana would not….

But, his NANA did not always use her good sense. Necessity makes us hurry and sometimes give up our reasoning and plain ole thinking over to others. When my daughter, Laura, was about to give birth to her daughter, six years ago - I wanted to be in the delivery room with her. Unfortunately, I was coming down with a very bad bug….and the doctor understanding my plight prescribed “Avelox.” My experience leads me to suggest: “Don’t ever take it.” But, I did . . . I was concerned enough about this new, unknown to me, drug…and did ask, “What about the old familiar drugs?” To which the doc replied…”Oh, but this will cover it all and you don’t want to take any chances.”

No, I didn’t….but that IS exactly what, as it turned out, that I did! I took a pill in the morning on a Wednesday… and later, I didn’t feel so good - but I, like many of us do, ignore my feelings at times, and on Thursday morning took a second pill (I wanted to be in that delivery room) and then, Thursday night while sitting calmly on my bed - I was watching TV, when suddenly it felt like my left ankle blew up from inside! I screamed. My husband, who was sitting in a chaise nearby, reading, jumped up to see what was the matter? I, as instinct would have it, trying to get away from the pain, immediately tried to get off the bed, but, when I stood up - it seemed as if I didn’t have an ankle - it was more like a raggedy doll. MY TENDON HAD BURST! And, my ankle didn’t hold me up - I actually went down to the ground. And, I also broke my Metatarsal Bone! I hadn't read the teeny, weeny writing, difficult to see, waaaaaaaaay down close to the bottom of the instructions, (most probably, neither had the doctor) telling me thatTHIS DRUG (that the FDA surely had approved!? ... could burst my tendon!?) Oh, I got my wish - to be in the delivery room, but I was wearing a CAST on my foot, that night and a loooooooooooong time after.

I, more than most, should have known better, not only from my own education but from an even sadder and more tragic experience: My beautiful and wonderful Mother, Mary in her 89th year (We were about to throw her a big shindig party for her 90th Birthday that August, and she was soooo excited.) She was in great health and doing Yoga, etc and cheerful…and then, a doctor prescribe for some aches - the drug; VIOX . . . Mother obeyed and began the prescription……and STROKES ENSUED immediately! On May 23rd, 2003 my Mother died.

How many times do we have to be told, or learn our lessons over again…… I guess, more than once…. For as they say, “God isn’t finished with us yet”…. Hmmm, well, how can GOD be finished, when obviously, we aren’t finished with ourselves.


Diane is a nutritional consultant with a Masters in “Esoteric Psychology.” She is a passionate public advocate for Complementary and Alternative Medicine who has testified before Congress on CAM issues and received the 2002 Foundation Founders Award from Washington, D.C.’s National Foundation for Alternative Medicine (N.F.A.M.) founded by former Congressman Berkley Bedel. Ms. Ladd’s involvement in holistic medicine and metaphysics began after the fatal accident of her firstborn two-year-old daughter, immediately followed by a tubular pregnancy (and diagnosis by five medical experts that she would never have another child.) With determination, she embarked on a search for a miracle, and today she has a beautiful daughter, Laura Dern by her former husband, actor Bruce Dern. Laura, an actress in her own right, ( will be starring this fall, 2011, as Amy in HBO’s Enlightened in which her Mother, Diane, co-stars as Helen along with Luke Wilson as Amy’s ex-husband.)
Diane authored the book, Spiraling Through the School of Life; A Mental, Physical and Spiritual Discovery - “Find Your Own Miracles,” published by Louise Hay and endorsed by such notables as Drs. Wayne Dyer, Bernie Siegle, Dean Ornish, as well as Stephen King, Marianne Williamson and Rev. Della Reese among others. When Time permits Ladd teaches workshops, seminars and lectures for the medical and lay community at large, and has counseled professionally in clinical settings, sharing suggestions. Ms. Ladd has been the Keynote Speaker and or lectured, held workshops, seminars, etc. for Universities, Resorts, and Organizations throughout the nation, such as:

  • “The Eagles” Medical Organization - 500 members - Scottsdale, Az.
  • Keynote Speaker; Lectured - The “Golden Door” Spa and Resort in Escondido, Ca.
  • The Women In Film Educational Series - Los Angeles and the WIF Networking Bureau Palm Springs;
  • The Association for Research and Enlightment (ARE) in Virginia Beach and Phoenix, Az.;
  • The American Holistic Medical Association, (AHMA) Seminars and lectures - Seattle, Wa., Sedona, Az, Sante Fe, New Mexico, San Diego, Ca., San Francisco University, and Scotsdale, Az.;
  • The Health Freedom Expo - Long Beach, Ca.;
  • The Whole Life Expo - Pasadena, Ca.;
  • The Whole Life Expo - LAX Hilton Convention Center;
  • The Conscious Living Expo - Los Angeles, Ca.;
  • Diane Ladd’s Talks and Workshops for “Dick Sutphen’s Self-Help Seminars”;
  • The Florida Holistic Health Foundation in Association with the Wellness Center;
  • The Ridge Spa & Racquet Club - Sedona, Az. - “Holistic Ways of Coping with Stress Fatique”;
  • Dr. Ted Edwards (National U.S. Olympic’s Physician) The Hill’s Medical/Sports Complex - “Mind Over Matter,” - Austin, Tx.;
  • The Ovarian Cancer Group - Orlando, Fla. And Los Angeles, Ca.;
  • Anti-Aging Seminar - Orlando, Fla.; Sheila Cluff’s The Oaks in Ojai - Lectures and workshops (a span of twenty years) and among others Keynote Speaker for The Century City Chamber of Commerce’s Women’s Business Councels’ Women of Achievement Awards

In her lectures, “BALANCE - MENTAL, PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL from an Actress’s P.O.V. (POINT OF VIEW)” Diane speaks on the “Tripod of Life” and the immediate pragmatic application of holistic and metaphysical answers for the addition of health, joy and fulfillment of destiny. She stresses the sacredness of the human being formed in God’s image and repudiates the cynicism that “Life is cheap.”

"The children of our world are our treasures and must be allowed to stand on our shoulders in the hope that they will, perhaps someday, see further than we have. Then, perhaps humanity might really become humane."

H.H. Sri Swami Satchidananda

Spiritual Master who was part of a brilliant and renown enlightened Spiritual Masters generation who came to The West.

Satchidananda was chosen from all the spiritual masters and religious leaders in America to bless and speak at their first meeting of The United Nations in the new millenium.

His proposal was: Yoga Philosophy and its ultimate mystical practical aspect: Mantra Yoga Meditation as a healthy intelligent option for Human Beings to accomplish their True Inner Happiness and Divine Self-Realization.

PO Box 2860, Loveland, CO 80539
Phone: 202.463.4900 or 866.451.3390

Bernie Siegel, Diane Ladd, and James Oschman getting an award from the
Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine.
Ms. Ladd was an Advisory Member on the NFAM National Board

The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM) is committed to retrospective and prospective clinical research to obtain the most valuable data.

Search the world for effective, nontoxic, and low-cost alternative medical therapies.

Conduct retrospective studies and partnership with medical facilities, foundations, hospitals, and universities for the development of clinical trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of a therapy.

Disseminate information on new frontiers in science and medicine and encourage adoption of cost effective therapies through global networking, conferences, publishing books, and internet web site postings.

Gladys Taylor McGarey Medical Foundation
Diane Ladd is a member of their National Advisory Board

4848 E. Cactus Road, Suite 505-506
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Phone: 480.946.4544

Gladys Taylor Mcgarey, MD, MD(H) Founder, Pioneering Physician

Dr. Gladys McGarey is internationally recognized as the Mother of Holistic Medicine. In practice as a family doctor from 1946 to 2004, she relentlessly advocated and advanced the emergence of holistic patient care. Often ,in the early years, she experienced staunch opposition from a maledominated medical establishment. In 1970, she cofounded the A.R.E. Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, where she and her former husband pioneered the integration of allopathic and holistic medical practices, laying groundwork for the cultural shift of recent years.
The Gladys Taylor McGarey Medical Foundation is a non-profit Arizona Corporation that has been serving the medical and local community since 1989 under the leadership of Dr. Gladys McGarey, the 'Mother of Holistic Medicine'.

Osteopathys Promise To Children
Diane Ladd is a member of advisory board.

Osteopathic Center for Children & Families
4135 54th Place
San Diego, California 92105
Phone: (619) 583-7611

Osteopathy's Promise to Children
"Osteopathy's Promise to Children is the instrument through which friends of children in need can support and promote the lifechanging work of the Osteopathic Center for Children & Families". "The great passion of Dr. Viola Frymann's life has been her work with children. This passion was in part prompted by the loss of her first child and the subsequent realization that osteopathic manipulative medicine, particularly osteopathy in the cranial field, might have prevented this loss.
Work with all children, but especially "children with special needs" like cerebral palsy and "learning difficulties," has been the signature characteristics of her work at the Osteopathic Center for Children & Families."-- Hollis King, PhD, DO, FAAO, Editor, "The Collected Works of Viola M. Frymann, DO, FCA, FAAO"

American Holistic Medical Association - Steve Cadwell, Executive Director.; Dr. David Forbes, President
23366 Commerce Park, Suite 101B
Beachwood, Ohio 44122
Phone: (216) 292-6644

Our Vision:
Helping transform health care through the integration of all aspects of well-being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental and social.

Our Mission:
To help create a healthy world by promoting holistic/integrative principles and practice in healthcare.

Founded in 1978, the AHMA remains true to its original mission, serving as the leading advocate for the use of holistic and integrative medicine by all licensed healthcare providers. We embrace integrative, complementary and alternative medicine techniques; we hold onto what is helpful in allopathic medicine, and we understand that healing includes your body, your mind, your emotions, and your spirit. The AHMA is committed to increasing awareness and mission, serving as the leading advocate for the use of holistic and integrative medicine by all licensed healthcare providers. We embrace integrative, complementary and alternative medicine techniques; we hold onto what is helpful in allopathic medicine, and we understand that healing includes your body, your mind, your emotions, and your spirit. The AHMA is committed to increasing awareness and understanding of the natural healing tenets of holistic medicine and to link together those who wish to utilize and promote a holistic approach to conventional and integrative medicine. Rather than a "quick fix", we teach the value of prevention and wellness, best accomplished through correcting core imbalances and addressing contributing factors.